Spanish - Summer Holiday Work

This is the Power Point I used for Spanish during the taster session - as well as some resources used in the induction day. 

The first few slides are an introduction to the new specification, it gives the students some idea of what topics they will study and how they will be assessed. 

After that there is a music clip, which can be watched here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViDcJpe-e78 and a worksheet -attached- that includes a few activities that follow on the video.

Students were advised to start having a look over the summer on the AQA website so they can get familiar with the type of questions in the exam. There are also many resources they can print on http://www.espanish.org.uk/resources/

Ms Perez

Downloads Date  
Spanish Work 1.pptx 01st Aug 2016 Download
Spanish Work 2.docx 01st Aug 2016 Download