Dance - Summer Holiday Work

Yr13 - A2 Dance

  1. Purchase Book – Alvin Ailey: A Life in Dance. Author: Dunning, Jennifer
    1. Read chapter 1 – 5  (p1-51)
    2. Make notes about Ailey childhood and upbringing.
    3. How was Lester Horton and why was he so significant in Ailiey’s life?
  2. Read over class notes on section 1-7 in Zero Degrees (Khan & Cherkaoui, 2005)
    1. Make revision cards for all 7 sections
    2. Revise sections on a) Source, b) Devices/Form c) Sectional Structuring and d) Interpretation OF EACH SECTION

There will be a test in the first week of your return to assess your understanding and commitment to the course. The test will be based on short answer questions.

Yr12 - A level Dance

  1. Using the information given to you in the taster sessions on The Rambert Dance Company. Read the information and research more about the company so you have a basic understanding of the company. In the first week back as part of your suitability test, you will be asked to recall your knowledge in a written task.
  2. To assess your suitability for A level dance. In the first 2 weeks you will analyse a phase of movement in the style of Richard Alston and be expected to rehearse and develop your movement in a time frame. You will be able to access/view Alston’s works on YouTube to get familiar of his style before we start back.

Thank you
Mrs Wilson