Photography - Summer Holiday Work

Yr 12 Photography - Initial assessment (Two Parts)

You will need to use at least 2-3 hours for each part of the assessment. This represents the normal amount of time we will be expecting you to spend each week on your work in photography GCSE.

Part One

Photography GCSE is much more that ‘taking pictures’, you need to create images. To be able to do this you need to control what the camera does, not letting the camera control your images. For this to happen you need to understand how shutter speed, aperture and ISO effect an image. You need to be able to control them to make the image you want.


Hand write a description, in your own words, of how shutter speed, aperture and ISO effect an image. Use the internet to find out this information type the question into a search engine and read through 3-4 pages to get the information. YouTube has really good ‘how to’ videos on most aspects of this course. This should be 3 or 4 sentences and should be grammatically correct, with capital letters and full stops.

Take some images which show the effect and glue them next to the written work which you have found to demonstrate the use of the feature. Make sure you write information on the shooting data if possible.


Wiliam klien boy with gun

Aperture – effects the depth of field

Wiliam Klien – Boy with Gun

Alexey titarenko white dresses

Shutter Speed – Freeze movement or allow motion blur

Alexey Titarenko – White Dresses


Part Two


Make 35 images of objects which look like faces, see examples below. The objective of this assignment is to make you look at the world around you. You need to start looking at everything as a potential subject to photograph. This task is asking you to find objects which could be seem as faces, don’t arrange things to look like faces that defeats the point of the task. You can set you camera to automatic ore if you have a good camera on your phone use that. The main thing to consider with this task is to frame the object to focus on the elements that look like a face.

You need to carry a camera with you at all times this week and pay close attention to everything around you. Being visually aware is a key part of this course and this part of the assessment will give you a chance to show creative you are.

Face image 1


Face image 2


Face image 3

Manhole Cover

Face image 4


All the work for both tasks (written work and printed images) must be handed in to your photography teacher in the first session back after the summer holiday in September.