AS Music - Summer Holiday Work

Microphone research tasks

It is essential that you have a good working knowledge of microphones, including how they work and what the different types can be used for.

Research task:

Define the following terms commonly used in A-level Music technology (all of these terms relate to sound).




Research task 2:

There are two main types of microphone, condenser (also known as capacitor mics) and dynamic.

Outline the main differences between both and what the advantages/disadvantages of both are.

Research task 3:

What are microphone polar patterns?

What are the main ones?

Research task 4:

How does a simple dynamic microphone work?

For all the above research tasks you will need to present your findings in the form of a written document including diagrams or as a presentation to your teacher.

This task must be presented in your own words. Copying and pasting text directly from the internet is not acceptable.

Useful sources of information could include: