Year 11 Revision Information



Year 11 After-school Catch up and Revision Timetable


The Year 11 after school catch up and revision timetable provides a guide to subject specific support for Year 11 students. Sessions may cover the following:-


  • Exam or PPE revision
  • Coursework catch up
  • Further extension of class work


These sessions are important from the very beginning of Year 11. Ongoing revision is significantly more effective than cramming towards the end and deepens the students understanding. Attending these sessions will benefit student performance.

There may be certain evenings when a student has two subjects and cannot attend both. In this situation students should prioritise subjects in terms of coursework deadlines, or in relation to their progress against targets. If students or parents need assistance with this then they can speak with tutors or any of the year team.

The schedule may be updated throughout the year and this will be communicated with students.